New Mexico title or registration for a vehicle

In New Mexico, if you want to legally drive your automobile or motorcycle you should first register and title it. The process is quite easy. You need to proceed with the documents whenever you buy your vehicle, get license plates, and insure your car.

The application process

Before applying for ownership and registration, you should review the special requirements for the specific procedure, regardless of whether you purchased a car through a dealer, or in a private sale.
If you purchased a car from a dealer, it is typically their responsibility to handle the registration and ownership procedures. Following the purchase and completion of all documents, the local MVD will simply notify you that all paperwork has been fulfilled.
And, if you’ve recently purchased an automobile through a private sale, you must complete the transfer and apply for auto registration and plates on your own.
To register a used auto or motorcycle obtained from a private party, you should visit the local MVD and fill in the application form. Later, you have to bring the ownership papers and pay the applicable charges.

Titling in NM when Buying or Selling a Vehicle

If you buy or sell a vehicle privately, you must perform a transfer as part of the transaction.
If you are the seller, you will need to fill out and sign the section that releases your ownership as the seller. In addition, you'll usually need to make a bill of sale, submit a Notice of Transfer or Release of Liability to the MVD.
And if you are the buyer, you must complete the buyer portion of the records and bring it with you when you visit the NM MVD to get owner records of the vehicle.

Titling Replacement and Surrendering in NM

If you ever lose a tag, you should obtain a copy or replacement as quickly as possible. To do so, fill up and submit an Application for a Duplicate Tag to the NM MVD.
If your car has a lien (you are still paying payments on it), the identification will not be in your ownership. When you pay off your lien, you should receive a pink slip in the mail. You may be required to pay a fee to have the lienholder's name removed from the designation.

NM Auto Registration and Title Renewal

To avoid late penalty fines, tickets for driving an illegal automobile, or vehicle impoundment, you must get renewed motorcar enrollment certificate before it expires.
When you update your documents, you will receive sticker tags and New Mexico new license plates with the current year.
You may renew your records online, via mail or phone, or in person.
To do so, you must provide your control number, the ID number of license plates for New Mexico, or VIN. Before you make a request, it’s recommended to double-check your details and make all the applicable payments. Generally, you get a reminder notification about a month before the due date. The letter includes all the required info about how and when to conduct the update process. Also, it may include information if you need to pass inspections for smog or emissions as well as for safety. In some cases, VIN checks are also required.
So, whatever method you use to renew, the following information and documents are essential:
  • The most recent card showing you’ve registered your auto
  • Renewal notice
  • License plate number
  • Your transport identification number
  • Driver's license number
  • Your postal address
  • Cheques of the payments
What concerns fees, all is based on the due date and payment date. You will be charged a $10 late fee if you renew within 30 days of your expiration date. If you are more than 30 days late in renewing, you are charged a penalty cost equal to 75% of your payments.