License Plates Types

In New Mexico, you have a variety of license plates to choose from. Besides the standard ones, you may apply for specialized or vanity plates. Before heading to the office to get your decals, it’s recommended to run a quick New Mexico license plate lookup to check the availability of your desired characters’ combination.
In short, you can acquire these types of tags from the MVD:
  • Standard
  • Personalized
  • Collegiate
  • Handicapped
  • Historical and Vintage
  • Military and Veterans
  • Organizations and Causes
  • Motorcycle
Apart from the standard one, people must make an additional payment for the other types.
The license plates of NM have "USA” printed on them. Not many states have these New Mexico license plate symbols. It is done to avoid confusion with the country Mexico.

Standard Plates

As a matter of cat, the most widespread ones are the standard decals that are generally shown in three types; Centennial, Red and Yellow, and Chile. None of this requires any additional payment from its initial price.


Anyone wanting to get personalized tags should apply to the local MVD. Actually, they have a yellow and turquoise background. Residents differ from the character limitations. For customized number tags, residents are allowed to use up to seven alphanumerics.
What concerns turquoise ones, the limitations of the character is eight. For Chile, the state has set up to 6 digits and letters.
The price for personalized ones is $17. The purchase may be done online and no shipping payment is required.

Las Cruces

Motorcycle owners’ can apply for Las Cruce’s number tags. It’s only for Las Cruces residents and the cost of $37 added up to the regular costs of the application.


These types of decals are available for the following institutions:
  • The University of NM
  • NM Military Institute
  • Eastern University
  • NM Highlands University
  • New Mexico State University
  • NM Tech
  • Western University
  • Junior College

For Handicapped People

Certain mobility issues may lead drivers to obtain special labels designed especially for them. They are called Handicapped tags and are given to people who have:
  • Walking issues (they are not able to walk without assistance)
  • Heart diseases
  • They are able to operate the vehicle on their own, but it’s difficult for them to get on or off without anyone helping them.

Historical or Vintage

People who have an automobile or a motorcycle that is 35 or more years older can obtain historical and vintage decals. However, in this case, they are not allowed to operate their cars. They must be used only for educational or exhibition purposes.
The permits are due for five years and cost $17.50 in addition to general costs.

Military and Veteran Benefits

Military workers and former officers who have been honorably discharged may apply to obtain special labels for their motorcycle or autos.
They are allowed to choose between some types of plates offered by the local MVD such as Gold Star Family or Active Duty National Guard.
The Gold Star Family is available for the below-mentioned people who are immediate family members of an officer killed in an armed conflict:
  • Surviving mother
  • Surviving father
  • Stepparent
  • Spouse of a troops
Each family can obtain up to four Gold Star Family registration tags.
What concerns the National Guard certification, it is available to any person who is an active member of the New Mexico National Guard. They must provide the following documents:
  • proof of identity
  • military ID
  • verification to the division that the person is still a member of the guard
The state doesn’t require any additional payments. They don’t even need to pay for registration.