Emission Testing in New Mexico

Motor vehicles manufactured in 1987 or later and weighing less than 10,000 pounds gross vehicle weight are required to pass an emission test every two years and at the time of ownership transfer in New Mexico. This applies to vehicles registered in Bernalillo County.

What does emission check-up mean?

An emissions test is a methodology included in a pollution standard that allows for consistent and comparable measurements of exhaust emissions for various engines or automobiles.
The procedure often known as smog checks determines how much pollutants are in there. It also determines the pollutant type; such as hydrocarbons, oxygen, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxides — present in vehicle exhaust.
More than 30 jurisdictions now mandate some kind of automobile check-up on registered automobiles. Mission examination usually lasts between 15 and 30 minutes. Because there is no standardized federal test and each state and municipality can set their standards, the timing can vary. After all, adding more standards necessitates more time.

Mandatory Actions and Requirements

In NM, the testing is obligatory for all autos that are at least 35 years old. The only exception is for diesel and electric cars.
The state has also exempted autos and motorcycles over 10.000lbs from the obligatory examinations.
So, the check-up must be done every two years. In case of ownership changes, the certificate would become non-valid, and the new owner must undergo the processes again (despite the fact of a valid inspection sticker).

Required Procedures

In case you have bought a car and need to pass the check-up, keep in mind to follow these procedures:
  • Check the pollution control equipment, including the catalytic converter and associated connections.
  • You should pass on-board diagnostics on automobiles that are manufactured in 1996 or are newer.
  • Examine any visible car smoke examination for evidence of burning oil or poor fuel combustion.
  • Check the gas cap for vapor leaks.

In case of failure

If you fail ever fail the test, you can request an extension from the Vehicle Pollution Management Program. The office is located at the following address
1500 Broadway Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM, 87102.
As well as you can contact the office by telephone; at 505-764-1110. The office also has their website and are accepting online requests. on their website.
Generally, if you want an extension, you can look at the back of the failure certificate where the detailed instruction is printed.