Driver’s license information

Whenever you have relocated to New Mexico, you should surrender any available out-of-state license and apply for an NM driver’s permit. It must be done within a month after the relocation day.
New Mexico license plate laws require all drivers to have an up-to-date ID while operating a car on the highways and roadways. It is mainly done for security to avoid theft and accidents.

Non-Commercial Driver’s License

To obtain a non-commercial driver’s permit, you have to have the following documents ready on the application day:
  • proof of identity
  • SNN, if available,
  • residency proof
The application has to be submitted in person to the local office.

What does a New Mexico license plate look like?

The standard number tag has a turquoise background with black text and numerals. NM is one of the few states where the word "USA" appears on the decal. It is usually done for people who fail to recognize it as an NM tag.
The Chile decals have chili peppers printed on them and have a black background. The prestige one has a yellow background with red characters on it.
New Mexico disabled veteran license plate has a “Veteran” printed on the decal.

Voter Registration

You can apply for voter registration in any office. To get an ID card or driver’s ID you should just sign visit the local office, fill in the application form and sign the documents.
Later, the signed and completed documents are sent to the County Clerk’s office who should verify your info. If successfully verified, you will get your voter registration and ID via mail.

Dismissals and Deferrals

Many motorists have been convicted of violating traffic regulations. They receive 'guilty deferred' sentences, which means they must comply with Court-imposed conditions. It could include things like driving school, community service, a 90-day probation period, and so forth.
If your driving record indicates that you received a traffic infraction punishment within the last three years and believe it was 'delayed' by the Court, you may apply to the MVD. The local office staff investigates your record and reacts to you within 48 hours.
The personnel will need to confirm that your sentence was 'delayed' and that you have met the Court's requirements.
The main part of these processes can be done online by MVD staff, but in some situations (such as a requirement to attend driving school), MVD staff may request that you contact the court to obtain proof of your compliance with the sentence and the citation dismissal.

Child Passenger Safety

In New Mexico, the state rule requires all motorists and passengers to wear seat belts all the time, in any situation. This is called a seat belt statue. Here is also an attribute concerning kids who have to be in their special car seats or should wear belts in a moving car.
Police officers can stop the vehicle for any other reason and if noticing a law violation, they have the right to fine the person conducting the car.
Some points from the state regulation are described below:
  • Everyone in any situation, at all times, has to wear a safety belt.
  • All children up to their 7th birthday, regardless of weight, and all children under 60 pounds, regardless of age, are required to ride in a child safety seat. All kids must stay rear-facing until they reach the age of one year and weigh 20 pounds.

Hearing Requests

In some situations, you are allowed to request a hearing session. The law is applicable when you want to
  • appeal the revocation of your permit or driving privileges under Implied Consent Act
  • to appeal the suspension of your permit for failing to make child support payments
  • any other MVD-related issues
Driver Services Bureau
1100 South St. Francis Drive, Room 2092
P.O. Box 1028
Santa Fe, NM 87504-1028

Traffic Tickets

In case you violate any state law, the police officer will give you a traffic ticket. In this case, you have two options:
  • just make a payment, or
  • to contest the ticket, you should go to the tribunal yourself.
If the 'Penalty Assessment' box on your citation is checked, you must pay the penalty assessment using one of the options listed on the ticket. You are free to make a payment via credit card, online, or by mail.
However, If the 'Traffic Arraignment' box on your citation is checked, you should appear in person in the relevant Court by the date mentioned on your citation.